George H. Benavides Sr.                                                                                         Candidate for Arizona House of Representatives                                                                   Legislative District 20



Dear Voters:

As I walk from door to door in different neighborhoods in the new Arizona legislative district 20, formerly district 10, requesting signatures, I am finding many of today’s Republican registered voters are expressing serious concerns regarding the present elected officials and express that too much self-interest is shown and extreme disregard for the voter’s opinion.  Republican voters are upset with the incumbents’ attitudes who have not addressed current needs such as jobs, employment opportunities for all individuals that reside in Arizona; educational opportunities; judicial reforms that cover everyone, including elected officials; and lawsuits that are going to affect taxpayers in the future due to poor decisions made by the elected officials.

State Representatives are aware that Arizona’s state budget is directly connected to the taxes collected and that revenue dependency is imposed on you, through sales taxes, property taxes and other avenues.  The state of Arizona spending habits have gotten out of control and need to be monitored and at times, audited.

I will work to reform the current immigration policy; to increase the positive attitude of Arizona’s Business Friendly atmosphere, thereby creating more employment opportunities; increasing educational opportunities in our state with strong beliefs in promoting positive educational policies that enhance employment opportunities for everyone in Arizona; and a judicial reform that is applicable to everyone, including elected officials.

The Arizona Republican Party’s views are of small government, minimum taxation, the right to bear arms, family and equality for all cultures, regardless of race, religion, etc. There should not be disagreements among Democrat and Republican party leaders, who are business and family conscious, to include these above values in their present platforms. The voters are demanding their voices be heard and that the new elected representatives will be individuals with innovative and creative ideas.

The candidate should be elected in accordance to what he or she can provide, through their experience, academic achievements, and other resources, not by funds supplied by special-interest groups, corporations, PACs or endorsement by individuals who are tied to special-interest groups.

The voters (people) need a change that will enhance opportunities for improvements; control Arizona’s government spending so that our children and grandchildren do not incur debts and can benefit from educational opportunities that will assist in employment or entrepreneur choices in the future.

I am running for the Arizona State House of Representatives in District 20 (formerly District 10) and ask you to Vote for me Aug. 28, 2012.